Military Freefall

MFF Course Description

All students will be required to demonstrate their ability to conduct specific tasks while in freefall, and, under canopy. Progression from this will lead them into jumping combat equipment in a military scenario in both day and night operations.

The course is broken down as follows:

  • Ground School & Packing class
  • Basic MFF training to GE1
  • Combat equipment training to GE2
  • Oxygen equipment training and jumps
  • Combat equipment & oxygen jumps
  • Night jumps

Students will graduate with approximately 22 – 25 jumps.

MFF Course

Duration: 20 days

2 days of ground training followed by 18 days of freefall parachuting (weather days included).

Class size:


Instructor Ratio Per Student:



MFF Solutions conducts freefall parachute training from the following ramp aircraft:

  • Casa 212
  • Sherpa
  • Skyvan
  • Caribou
  • C-130

MFF Course Pre-Requisites

  • USA Candidates must have graduated from a Static Line Training course (US Army or US Navy).
  • Foreign student must have proof of equivalent from their country.
  • Possess a current HAPS card or equivalent foreign unit documentation
  • Weigh no more than 240 lbs

At MFF Solutions

We believe that to train the best, you have to provide the best. more

MFF Solutions Facility

Hangar with classrooms, matted packing area and storage. Direct access to a paved runway that is C-130 capable.

GSA Schedule GS-00F-273GA