MFF Solutions Inc utilizes a 4,000 acre airfield located on the California / Arizona border with easy access via highway 10 from Phoenix Arizona or Los Angeles California and is 90 mins from the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School in Yuma Arizona.

Training and support available CONUS or OCONUS.


Two (2) C-130 capable runways and a ramp area that can park multiple large aircraft.


An oxygen safe room is onsite for replenishment of personnel oxygen systems. Fully maintained oxygen systems onsite supported by an oxygen technician.

Acre airfield
LOA for parachute operations
Highest drop

Drop zones

We have multiple drop zones, marked and unmarked. The main training drop zone is 300yds x 300yds and groomed flat and level.

Heavy drop testing on site. Additional high altitude heavy drop test drop zones available.

Multiple full mission profile (FMP) drop zones are also located within 10NM of the facility, some of which allow for troops to immediately enter into a live fire FMP scenario.

MFF Solutions Inc also has access to restricted airspace over dry lakes bed for extreme high altitude test.


The facility is full equipped with all the mechanical machinery required to load and unload aircraft as large as a C-130 as well as the recovery of test items dropped, these include:

  • 25K loader (mil spec)
  • 12k forklift
  • 12k tele-handler
  • 4×4 recovery vehicles for personnel and equipment and medical evac

Up to 24,999ft

Special Letter of Agreement (LOA) with Los Angeles Center for airspace control that allows for safe parachute operations to be conducted from 24,999ft and out to 10NM, due to modern parachute system glide ratio’s this 10NM “bubble” can be increased to 20NM on a call to the sector controller. 30km offsets are a regular occurrence at the facility.


Full rigging loft on site capable of conducting any kind rigging repair up to major design and construction.


Aircraft and helicopters available for jump operations and or testing are:


Cessna caravan (super-hawk upgrade allows for operations up to 35,000ft)

Skyvan SC7 – max altitude 20,000ft

Sherpa C23b – max altitude 20,000ft

Lockheed C-130 – max altitude 35,000ft


Camera helicopter equipped with gyro stabilized cameras

MH6 (Little bird)

UH1 (Huey)

UH60 (Blackhawk)

Sky-crane (Can lift 24,000lbs to 7,000ft)


In addition to the extensive support equipment onsite the facility comes with a drop zone safety officer, air space management and a medic.

Hotels nearby

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Tel:(760) 922-4146

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