HAHO Training

Qualified MFF parachutists can undergo HAHO (stand-off) training. Our most popular course is the Advanced Tactical HAHO Program. This is conducted over two weeks. During the first week, the course will focus on canopy piloting & navigation skills, once this is established then combat equipment and oxygen is added. Training altitudes in the first week range from 12,999 MSL to 19,999 MSL. All training in week one is done in a daytime environment.

Week two is a combination of both day and night operations culminating with a night stand-off from 24,999 msl with combat equipment and oxygen.

Courses can be adapted to suit individual unit requirements and additional training such as drops onto unmarked DZ’s can be incorporated into the syllabus. MFF solutions has 9 DZ’s for full mission profile exercises.

HAHO Course

Basic to Advanced Tactical HAHO insertion techniques and advanced canopy control courses. HAHO training conducted at MFF Solutions Inc is considered the gold standard and surpasses the requirements for level 1 pre-deployment training.

Advanced canopy control courses are conducted over a 2 week period and include up to 50 instructor led jumps. Each jump is video’d and fully debriefed, ensuring that every lesson taught is understood.

This stand-alone course can be run for a minimum of 6 students.

Min class size
Max class size
Students per instructor


MFF Solutions conducts freefall parachute training from the following ramp aircraft:

  • Casa C-212
  • Sherpa
  • Skyvan
  • Caribou
  • C-130


  • Must have graduated from MFF Training or a foreign equivalent
  • Possess a current HAPS card or equivalent foreign unit documentation
  • Weigh no more than 240 lbs